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    The heart of all progress: personal, social, cultural and economic
  • Technology
    Digital technologies are just the latest tools designed to extend our capabilities
  • Innovation
    We can be certain that change will happen, the challenge we face is making things better
  • Consultancy
    Helping to invent the future of learning


Learning has been at the heart of my work for the last 30 years and continues to be the main focus of my consultancy. I am interested in how people learn and how best to improve the quality of their learning.


One of my areas of expertise is around the implementation of digital technologies in educational contexts. Focusing on how they can be scaled sustainably to maximise their positive impact on learning.


My passion continues to be around developing and applying creative solutions that add value to my clients' businesses rather than pushing change for its own sake.


I am a self-employed independent consultant working on my own or with associates to provide advice, practical support and research to clients across the public, private and third sectors.


This website promotes my learning, technology and innovation consultancy.

I blog (irregularly) as a way of trying to capture where I have been and where I am planning on going next. Keeping track of some of the people, places and ideas that I have come across on what has been a wonderful professional journey deep into the heart of learning.

I have been self-employed since 2009 working with great clients to improve learning. Previously I was national director of learning and technology and head of future learning and teaching. My background is in schools and local government educational advisory services.


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