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The Impact of Attitude on Life

I was tidying up some paperwork yesterday and came across a folder from a leadership development course I attended when at LTS,

The course was organised and led by the inspirational Norman Drummond of  Drummond International. Hidden away in the folder was this lovely quote. Not sure who the author is but I am attributing it to Norman for the moment, it sounds like one of his gems of wisdom.

The longer I live the more I realise the impact of attitude on life. Attitude is more important than.

Digital Scotland – Grasping the Opportunities

I was invited to an event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh last Thursday organised by The Foundation for Science and Technology. The theme of the event was "Digital Scotland - can Scotland grasp the opportunities created by the digital revolution?' The event coincided with the publication of 'Digital Scotland' by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The report makes interesting reading and suggests that Scotland requires 2,500km of fibre optic cable to remain economically competitive and become more socially inclusive. The cost is estimated as £100m installation with running costs of £10m a year.

What Really Motivates Us?

Thanks to Ireland's leading edtech thinker Michael Hallissy (@mhallissy) for sharing this lovely RSA clip of Dan Pink on what motivates us. It is just under 11 minutes of counter-intuitive science that will change how you see the world with major implications for education. .

Next Glow? (#EDIFF)

I was fortunate to be invited to a Scottish Government event last Friday hosted by Graham Leicester of the International Futures Forum.  The record of the proceedings can be found in Graham's blog which also links to some of the other online contributions (the record of the  live back-channel is on the Twitter hashtag #EDIFF ) I commented on Graham's Blog as below: Just like all other human inventions Glow has a historical context. Might be difficult for some to acknowledge but the idea of a national intranet was a.

Do Our Learning Natives Still Need Teachers?

holeinthewall [This post was first published on the GETideas.org Thought Leaders Blog] The closing keynote at the Scottish Learning Festival in September 2010 was given by Professor Sugata Mitra, famous for his series of “Hole-in-the-Wallexperiments. Professor Mitra was a fitting choice for an event designed to challenge conventional thinking in education and inspire teachers to extend their classroom repertoire. Over the last decade, Professor Mitra has tested the hypothesis that.

Book: Education Nation 2

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="414" caption="Milton Chen of The George Lucas Educational Foundation"]Milton Chen of The George Lucas Educational Foundation[/caption] I promised to return to Milton Chen’s 'Education Nation' once I had taken the time to read it properly so here goes. This is book with an international flavour but its focus is on the largely dysfunctional US K-12 system.  Milton does not pull any punches in his description of the decline of  US schools from ‘first to worst’:
  • 6,000 high school students drop out every day
  • The US has fallen from 1st to 18th.

Jimmy Reid 1932-2010

My former employer LTS, under instructions from Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, has just published the address made by Jimmy Reid when he was elected as Rector of Glasgow University in 1972. The address on the subject of 'Alienation' is an impassioned plea for a more humane society The speech, described at the time by the New York Times as  "the greatest speech since President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address" is today an essential resource for the Scottish History.

Book: Education Nation

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Milton Chen, Education Nation"]Milton Chen, Education Nation[/caption] This lovely book has just arrived through the post. The author is my good friend Milton Chen, former executive director and now senior fellow at the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). Those with a long memory may recall that George Lucas, the Star wars director, spoke about Glow at the US House of Representatives in 2008 suggesting that there might be some lessons to be learned from the vision of the Scottish Government and the strategic.

Weeknotes 4 July 2010: ISTE 2010

Living beside the sea on the sunny and (relatively rain free) east coast of Scotland means that on most Sunday mornings I can play golf. I was up as usual just before 6.30 but the rain was just too heavy for me today so a good opportunity to get back into blogging. It is hard to believe that last Sunday morning I was in transit between San Jose and Denver, having spent some time at Cisco's corporate HQ, on my way to the ISTE 2010 Conference. I have attended the ISTE annual conference in the past (when it was called.

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