Autumn 2007?

Well what a great summer. Can't believe it's over and the schools are back already. I took quite a lot of time off but still managed to be very productive at work - just goes to show that life-work balance is as good for work as it is for life. I have three big things on my agenda at the moment. First of all Glow. Three local authorities (Dundee, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire) will be our early adopters and if all goes to plan another three will follow close behind. It is great to have got to the point.

Summer 1997

I think it is now nine summers since I last worked in a school; I left my post as assistant head in Glenwood High School in Glenrothes on 1 June 1999 to join Dundee City Council as ICT adviser and from there on to LTS. After all these years my body still tells me that the first week in July is a special one, certainly not one for working. In fact I have been on leave this week but because of poor planning on my part (signing-off leave this week for our two programme directors Ian Graham and Marie Dougan).

Danny Costello

Yesterday was the last day of term for many schools across Scotland and the beginning of a well-earned period of rest and recuperation for our teachers. Last night I attended a retirement dinner held in honour of a wonderful man who gave me great support as a young teacher and inspired me throughout my career. Danny Costello was appointed as principal teacher of PE when Wester Hailes Education Centre (WHEC) opened on the western edge of Edinburgh in 1978. He was soon appointed as assistant head (now depute) and has worked in that role for close to 20 years. Danny always put.

Do it Be it!

do it - be it In my role at LTS I get the chance to meet lots of business people who are interested in finding out more about education in Scotland. These meetings are useful from my point of view as they help us to stay ahead of developments and inform our Learning and Technology strategy. Hopefully they are also useful for the business people and most importantly might lead to schools, teachers and learners getting better designed products. I recently met with Loiuse McDonough a young entrepreneur from Fife. Louise has set up a company.


LTS recently opened up a wiki called ScotEduPedia. LTS staff and a few others have started to populate the wiki and we (you) need to do some more work before we can really launch it properly. I thought I would use this post to reflect on what I hope we will get out of this resource:
  • A collaboratively developed collection of articles covering the full breadth and depth of our knowledge of education
  • An exploration of education in Scotland - past, present and future.
  • An international perspective on our work
  • Space to open up professional and collegiate discussion and debate
  • An opportunity to publish,.

Connected 17

Connected 17 Connected 17, the latest edition of LTS' ICT in education magazine/e-zine is now on its way to schools and available online. Connected has come a long way since it started off as the the official voice of the National Grid for Learning in Scotland in the spring of 2000 with Nick Morgan as the editor [some may remember Nick as the editor of the Scottish Virtual Teacher Centre (SVTC)]. Patricia Kemp Patricia Kemp, editor of the LTS online service, has also been the editor of Connected magazine/e-zine.

Scotland and the abolition of slavery

Scotland and the slave trade The bicentenary of the abolition of slavery has received a lot of coverage in the media over the last couple of weeks. Much has been made of Tony Blair’s failure to apologise or more accurately his failure to apologise properly. I am sure that the Government’s lawyers have advised him in the same way that car insurance companies advise us never to accept liability even if it was clearly our fault . There are I am sure times when this might be good advice but it tends to feed a view of.

Friday again already

Another interesting week that seems to have flashed past very quickly. Five mornings and three afternoons in Glasgow as well as afternoons in Edinburgh and Dundee. A lot of time taken up with internal LTS meetings; Glow and Schools ICT programme boards, corporate management team etc. An interesting meeting in Edinburgh Council's new offices in Waverley Court to discuss personal ICT (The Learning Hubs project) and agree the next steps. Also chaired my first meeting of The Scottish Learning Festival steering group and was delighted to see that programme is just about ready with Stephen Heppell, Michael.

Wii are the champions

After my day as a juror I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii thanks to my fellow juror Derek. Now watching two 10 year olds working their way through Wii sports and having so much fun. I am sitting with a glass of wine and every now and again I get invited to play. At the moment I can compete pretty well but experience tells me that by the end of the week they will have left me behind. These two 10 year olds are 2nd generation digital natives; they don't speak digital with an accent and they expect.