Holyrood Magazine – Fertile Minds

Holyrood I was interviewed recently by Keri Sutherland of Holyrood Magazine as a contribution to article she was writing on creativity in education. Full article under the title  'Fertile Minds' was published in the latest edition. See below a selection of quotes from me:
"... schools were designed for (a particular) age – we still haven’t moved on very much. We live in very rapidly changing times. I would argue we live in times that are changing more rapidly and more turbulently than has ever been the case in human history." “The.

Julian Baggini: Is there a real you?

Came across this short TEDx Youth Talk by philosopher Julian Baggini that I liked and thought worth sharing. Baggini debunks much of the popular psychology that promotes the idea of a fixed human core or essence and the fatalism that accompanies it. Instead he argues that the 'real you' is more like a work in progress rather than a 'thing' which is fixed and unchanging just waiting to be discovered by answering a quiz in a magazine or by taking a psychometric test as part.

DML 2012

dml2012-logo-sm Just coming to the end DML2012 and what has been a really interesting conference in San Francisco. I love the tagline 'Beyond Educational Technology' feels like where I have been trying to get to for last 25 years. This the third year of this event and it has grown into one of the main events in the calendar for those interested in the next generation of learning. More than that I think it will become the cultural home of a group of educators and academics looking to take innovative.


Wordle7I was asked this morning to provide a list of around 40 words about me that could be used to create an info-graphic for a website. I put them into the wonderful Wordle and the graphic above is what popped out (after adding a few duplicates the words at the top of my list by way of emphasis). I also provided the url of my blog and got something quite different. The size of 'Glow' makes me realise just how much the Scottish schools national intranet dominated my writing over.

Code Hero

Just made a small donation and downloaded Code Hero from Primer Labs (thanks to Matt Seeney at Knowledge Nation for sharing the link). The concept behind Code Hero is quite simply that young people can extend their capabilities and have a better understanding of their world if they learn how to actively create rather than passively consume. Computer coding can provide a very powerful way into this world but is often difficult to get into and involves a very steep learning curve (Logo springs to mind as a notable exception from my days as.

On being left-handed

MY LEFT HANDI came across an article in today's Dundee Courier which referred  to research published in the journal 'Laterality' by two academics - Hardie & Wright  - from the University of Abertay . The Abertay website headlines with  'lefties more likely to look before they leap' and suggests that people (like me) tend to be better decision makers in times of crisis. It makes good reading and I would of course have to agree:) The article made me smile as I reflected on.

Stephen Pinker on Language and Human Relations

Been re-watching some of the RSA Animate videos and came across this great one by Steven Pinker. I don't always agree with his analysis or for that matter all of the conclusions he makes, but to my mind he continues to make a serious contribution to our understanding at a very deep level of what it is to be human. In this video he turns his attention to the role of innuendo in human relations. His hypothesis is that even obvious innuendos are useful devices for maintaining fictional relationships as they are based on.

Glowing into the Future


I wrote a short piece on Glow Futures a couple of weeks ago and it was published today in TESS under the headline  'Glowing into the future may be easier said than done'.  I tried to be constructively critical and hope it is read in this spirit. Original text of article submitted to  The Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS) and published on 14 October 2011: Glowing into the Future I was not completely surprised to read last month that the Cabinet Secretary had decided to cancel.

#EduPic11 – Outline Programme

Thanks to those of you who have already signed-up for #EduPic11 on the 20th September. It is already shaping up to be a great day. You already know the overall structure of the event …


We plan to stimulate the conversations with short provocations and want you to do the same. If you have a vision, an issue, an idea or an ambition that you want to make part of the discussions, start thinking about that now, trim it to two minutes and let us know when you want to.


I have been involved  in organising the #EduPic11 event which will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 20th September at Oran Mor. The idea of the event is bring together around 100 people to share ideas and have a conversation about Scottish Education that goes beyond the details of how to implement Curriculum for Excellence. The format of the event will be a conversation around three questions:
What could Scottish Education look like at its very best? (Re-imagining the future) Where are we now? (Reflecting on the present) What could we do to make it better? (Closing the gap)