We are Here: The Pale Blue Dot

Also love this video with words from the wonderful Carl Sagan - who I remember reading 30 years ago when I was a student at Edinburgh University. I found this posted with some very thoughtful comments from my friend and colleague John Connell..

Charles Leadbeater: Education in the Slums

I love this TED Talk from Charles Leadbetter - who in my view is one of the best radical thinkers on the future of education. Charles covers a lot of ground including how the 19th Century Prussian ('Bismarckian') model of education that dominates the developed world is not scalable to the developing world. He also picks up on themes from Clay Christensen's 'Innovators Dilemma' and the contrast between incremental sustaining innovation. more

What is an expert?

In Outliers Malcolm Gladwell  suggests that opportunity plays a significant part in someone becoming an expert. He suggests that a 10,000 hour rule applies as much to the success of The Beatles (opportunity to play live 7 days a week in Hamburg) as to that of Bill Gates (opportunity to attend an elite school with a computer club followed by access to the University of Washington IT facilities).  Whether or not 10,000 hours is a magic number it strikes me that access to the best facilities and time to practice are essential. All the better if learning is.

Book: Disrupting Class

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Disrupting Class"]Disrupting Class[/caption] Wearing my Futurelab Associate Director hat  I was invited to speak at the CoSN Annual Conference in Washington DC earlier in the month. I picked up one of the big themes I have pursuing for a number of year -  'Technology Push v Learning Pull' [subject of subsequent post]. I was invited to have dinner at the conference with Curtis  W Johnston one of the co-authors of 'Disrupting Class' and was impressed with the depth of his thinking on the.

Book: The Inmates are Running the Asylum – Alan Cooper

Had a busy start to 2010 -  which tends to be a good thing when you are self employed.  Already been to London three times including a week at BETT2010 and the Learning and Technology World Forum which has been great but my blog has been suffering. My aim is to do a lot better in February with a post at least once a week. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240" caption="The Inmates are Taking Over the Asylum"]The Inmates are Taking Over the Asylum[/caption] Been reading a lot.

2009 – Another Year to Remember

What a year it has been. Every year is significant but some years seem to me to be more memorable than others. These years stick in my mind, at least in part, because of a big step I took in my life – usually a step that felt pretty scary at the time. 1979 was the year I left home to go to university. 1986 was the start of my career as a teacher. 1990 was my first real promotion at work. 1991 I got married. 1993 and 1996 were the years my children were born. 2001 was when I.

Go Dundee

Attended a great event last Tuesday evening (it's been a busy week so just sitting down now to reflect on it now). The event started with the YouTube video narrated by Lorraine Kelly which is full of the great stuff that is happening in this small post-industrial city on the north-eastern coast of Scotland - from a branch of the V&A Museum and the computer games cluster around Abertay University to the reconnection of the city centre with the beautiful River Tay. The theme of the evening was.

Glow Gets a Refresh

LTS announced earlier in the week that Glow is set to have a bit of facelift and get some long overdue new features. The addition of blogs and wiki functionality will strengthen Glow as as a platform for communication, collaboration and sharing across the whole educational community. The extension for a further two years of the contract with RM Education will provide a better return on the substantial  investment made by the Scottish Government. It will also give some more time for our learners and.

Greg Whitby @ LTS

I was very fortunate to be invited back to LTS in Glasgow yesterday to join a delegation from Australia who were across to have a look at our national schools intranet  Glow. The delegation was led by Greg Whitby, CEO of the 80 schools in the Parramatta Diocese of Sydney. This was a really inspirational session and it was great to hear an educational leader with some vision for today's schools. Rather than repeat what is already out there I refer you to: Neil Winton's post on GregMeet Ollie Bray's post.

More On Innovation

Another interview with Merlin John on innovation at LTS. This time for Futurelab's online magazine. It sits well with the interview with Michael Hallisay in my previous post as a good description of what we were trying to do when I was at LTS. It's for others to judge the success or otherwise but few countries have an event like The Scottish Learning Festival or a national intranet like Glow. It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by Merlin. I have always admired people who are great.