Barry Schwartz: Choices Worth Having

Barry SchwartzJust back from an event in Glasgow's Oran Mor organised by Scotland's Centre for Confidence & Wellbeing. The speaker was Professor Barry Schwartz. I have tweeted some of his quotes (@laurieod) and this post is my notes of what he said. The 'Paradox of Choice'  - too much choice in certain aspects of our lives (commodities/products etc) can make us miserable whilst  not enough choice in other areas (how we treat/are treated by other people) can also make us unhappy. The official syllogism More freedom.

Leaving LTS: 11 days left and far too much still to do

It seems like only yesterday that I blogged about my decison to leave LTS to work for myself. It felt like a big step on the 25th March announcing to the world that I was moving on after 8 years. I really liked being able to blog and tweet my departure (what did we do before web 2.0?) and have been delighted with the number of friends and colleagues who have been in touch to either wish me well or check out my mental.

Technology and the 12-24s

Interesting research commissioned by C4 on how the 12-24s use technology. Top-line stats are:
  • They personally own 8 devices (including MP3 player, PC, TV, DVD player, mobile phone, stereo, games console, and digital camera)
  • They frequently conduct over 5 activities whilst watching TV
  • 25% of them agree that “I’d rather stay at home than go on a holiday with no internet or phone access”
  • A quarter of young people interviewed text or IM (instant message) friends they are physically with at the time
  • They have on average 123 friends on their social network spaces
  • And the first thing the majority of them do.

Glow Approaches the End of the Beginning

More good news for Glow :) While I was in Barcelona I was delighted to hear that Falkirk Council has signed the Glow Customer Agreement (effectively the licence to make Glow available to teachers, pupils and parents in the local authority area). That takes us to 31/32 of the Scottish local authorities. My understanding is that Fife Council is in the process of signing the Customer Agreement and this will be a significant milestone for Glow as we complete the full set of local authorities. To paraphrase Winston Churchill we are approaching the end of the beginning for Glow. To.

Glow wins Platinum Award at IMS Global Learning Impact Summit 2009

Glow has picked up another prestigious award. This time taking the top award at the IMS Global Learning Impact Summit in Barcelona. Great news for the Scottish Government, LTS and RM. Brilliant to get international recognition for the ambition, complexity and scale that characterises Glow. PS Should also have given due credit to all the teachers, local authority officers, librarians, technicians and others who have worked hard to make Glow the success it is today..

LTS Online Service Launched in iTunesU

 LTS iTunesU Well done to Patricia Kemp and the website team at LTS. Another first for Learning and Teaching Scotland  as we launch a unique resource on Apple's iTunesU to support the professional development of teachers and other practitioners across Scotland and beyond. LTS is the first schools oriented organisation in Europe to make some of its digital content available in this way as we follow in the footsteps of HE institutions such as the Open University and Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The LTS press release makes the claim.

Glow: IMS Global Learning Impact

On Monday and Tuesday of next week I will be speaking with colleagues from the Glow contractor, RM, at the IMS Global Learning Impact 2009 event in Barcelona. Glow has been short-listed for the Global Learning Impact Award for 2009. Based on the scale and ambition of Glow I think that it will give the other projects a good challenge. Win or lose it is a good news story for Scotland and for the Scottish Government that Glow is being considered for.

The Winning Game: Launched within Glow

 The Winning Game Had a lovely morning at Perth High School launching The Winning Game within Glow. The main force behind bringing the game to Scotland is Winning Scotland Foundation. The Winning Game is based on The Winning Theory of Yehuda Shinar and has been developed by Dundee based games company TPLD. I think it is going to be a big success in Scottish schools. It also provides an even more compelling case for every learner and teacher in Scotland to join the.