A Real Classic – Anna Karenina

A few entries ago I mentioned how much I had enjoyed reading Sebastian Faulkes’ ‘Birdsong’ but didn’t think it was a real classic.

Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ is well worth a read and don’t be daunted by the 800+ pages as it’s written in bite sized chapters (just like Dickens) and the mulit-layered story flies along with great pace. It’s a story of life and death; love and betrayal; aspiration and disappointment; class and social status; philosophy and politics; culture and history; science and religion; and much more. The grand scale of this book is quite breathtaking and, in my opinion, provides great insights into today’s world. In short it’s a real classic not just a good page-turner. My only disappointment was that it followed the structure of many books of this genre and without giving away the story let me just say that Anna doesn’t manage to shrug off her own slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in quite the way I had hoped.

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