After another busy week

A good week over and sitting at my kitchen table with a glass of beer listening to Van Morrison and trying to stay out of the way of the teenagers on a sleepover.

Covered a few miles this week but it’s always great to get out and about even if that means not being able to service the demands of my inbox. The long trip to Torquay was really worthwhile. It gave me a (brief) chance to catch-up with developments in England. Listen to a seminar on OFSTED’s findings about ICT. Find out how our progress with Glow compares. Not to mention catch-up on my reading.

On the subject of reading I am really enjoying Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail (good summary in Wikipedia and well worth a read). Helped me to understand why it took us so long to close the Scottish Virtual Teacher Centre down. The sub-title ‘how endless choice is creating unlimited demand’ in our business means that we need to make sure that we continue to cater for minority interests, niche markets, specialisms etc and not just the big hits.

Norman Drummond sent me a really inspirational book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’. Another one I would recommend.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    Just about to head out and get BarCampScotland organised – we’re expecting about 150-200 through the door to share their creativity on the live web. Lots of niches!
    The Long Tail is seminal reading for anyone involved on the Live Web – the Cluetrain Manifesto might be the next one on the list after that. I’ve been thinking we should start a blogged book club – I’ve just received my copy of Norman’s book, to get into after Out of Our Minds. It would be fun to see if a group of us at LTS (and beyond?) see things in the same light after reading these books or if coming at things from different angles affects our take on things. Bon weekend!

  2. Laurie O'Donnell

    The Cluetrain Manifesto sounds interesting and an an LTS (and beyond) bookclub would be really interesting. Hope you had a bon weekend and BarCampScotland was a success.