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The Water Horse

LTS has added a lovely set of classroom resources to support the forthcoming movie ‘The Waterhorse’. It has been placed within the context of Scotland’s Culture as the myth of the Loch Ness Monster is one of the first things that people from other countries associate with Scotland. Our talented staff , in particular Patrica Kemp and Mark Oxbrow, have once again shown why the LTS Online Service continues to be the most popular website for Scottish teachers looking for resources to support learning and teaching.

On Chesil Beach

I have just finished Ian McEwan’s ‘On Chesil Beach’. This is a beautifully crafted novel with hardly a wasted word. An acutely observed piece that took me back to McEwan’s early short stories and the exploration of social taboos, eg ‘First Love, Last Rights’. It was one of these books that I just didn’t want to finish – it was all over a bit too quick …

The Cohen Brother’s latest masterpiece ‘No Country for Old Men’ is just great entertainment. Wild, funny and violent in equal measure. They are back to their best with this movie which for ranks beside my favourite of theirs ‘The Big Lebowski’. Tommy Lee Jones is wonderful as the Sheriff – he doesn’t need to act but just plays himself in whatever movie he is in and whatever part he has.

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  1. Chesil Beach

    And lets not forget it’s a beautiful setting for a novel – particularly as I could see Chesil Beach from my Bedroom window when I was growing up in Dorset!

    Love the Water Horse resources. Lucy gave me a sneak preview of the site when I was in last week. I have recommended it to our primaries and English department.

    PS: just ordered the book on Amazon!