Steven Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come From

Made a very long overdue start today on one of the many books in my ‘must read’ pile,  ‘Where Good Ideas Come From‘ by Steven Johnson. Really enjoying it and thought this little video was a good introduction to what I think are very powerful insights.

I love the way he elevates the role of the slowly incubating hunch over the eureka moment.  Johnson concludes with the observation that ‘chance favours the connected mind’ and in my experience he is spot on.

[Aside: I shared a platform with Steven at the ‘Handheld Learning’ event in 2008. I was the last speaker in the morning and decided to leave my presentation after about 20 minutes to engage with the audience in a Q&A session. Bit risky ‘skiing off piste’, as the event organiser Graham Brown Martin noted, but think I just about got away with it. My HHL 2008 Keynote.]

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