The Audacity of Hope

One of the books I read on holiday was Barack Obama’s ‘The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream’.  It is well written, especially for a politician, and an easy read.

By the end of the book I had gained some insights into the constraints (self?) imposed on a mainstream US politician and  a better understanding of where he stands on many of the major issues that divide his country (he is against the war in Iraq and also against same sex marriage).  Despite my scepticism I warmed to the optimistic, open and pragmatic approach he has taken to navigating a ‘third way’ (reminiscent of Tony Blair in the period 1995-97 after John Smith’s death!).

There is no doubt that his manifesto represents a bit of a challenge to the status quo in the US . It won’t be radical enough for many and far too radical for  others. I wouldn’t like to bet on the result of the US Presidential race in November – enough to say that I got it wrong on the last two occasions.

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