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Learning through Technology: A Strategic Perspective

ADES 1Nov12 Final.001 Last Thursday I gave the opening keynote at an event organised by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), supported by Education Scotland and sponsored by RM Education and Microsoft. In my keynote I tried to look beyond current projects and programmes in Scotland towards the bigger picture. I started off by suggesting that we are often too quick to select tools, techniques and technologies before we have given sufficient thought to the needs we are trying to meet. To my mind it is about separating the.

Business Card Refresh

LOD Business Card visual 12-0425-01.jpg

I asked my very talented friends Andy and Neil at Glidden Design in Edinburgh to reprint my business cards recently.

The original design with my details on the front and a 'word cloud' of what I offer on the back has stood the test of time and only needed a couple of minor tweaks.

My original 2009 word cloud was based on what I hoped to be doing after.



Wordle7I was asked this morning to provide a list of around 40 words about me that could be used to create an info-graphic for a website. I put them into the wonderful Wordle and the graphic above is what popped out (after adding a few duplicates the words at the top of my list by way of emphasis). I also provided the url of my blog and got something quite different. The size of 'Glow' makes me realise just how much the Scottish schools national intranet dominated my writing over.

Weeknotes 4 July 2010: ISTE 2010

Living beside the sea on the sunny and (relatively rain free) east coast of Scotland means that on most Sunday mornings I can play golf. I was up as usual just before 6.30 but the rain was just too heavy for me today so a good opportunity to get back into blogging. It is hard to believe that last Sunday morning I was in transit between San Jose and Denver, having spent some time at Cisco's corporate HQ, on my way to the ISTE 2010 Conference. I have attended the ISTE annual conference in the past (when it was called.

2009 – Another Year to Remember

What a year it has been. Every year is significant but some years seem to me to be more memorable than others. These years stick in my mind, at least in part, because of a big step I took in my life – usually a step that felt pretty scary at the time. 1979 was the year I left home to go to university. 1986 was the start of my career as a teacher. 1990 was my first real promotion at work. 1991 I got married. 1993 and 1996 were the years my children were born. 2001 was when I.

Go Dundee

Attended a great event last Tuesday evening (it's been a busy week so just sitting down now to reflect on it now). The event started with the YouTube video narrated by Lorraine Kelly which is full of the great stuff that is happening in this small post-industrial city on the north-eastern coast of Scotland - from a branch of the V&A Museum and the computer games cluster around Abertay University to the reconnection of the city centre with the beautiful River Tay. The theme of the evening was.

Scottish Learning Festival 2009

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="SLF"]SLF[/caption] Another really great SLF. It felt  really strange just walking around meeting people and enjoying the event without having any responsibilities. I ended up spending a lot of time catching-up with old friends and former colleagues and for a change was not dashing off to chair a session or attend a launch. Apart from the very important social and networking dimension of the event, it was a really good opportunity to find out what was new in the world of education and to be inspired. It is always hard to pick.

I’m Back

I'm back thanks to Neil and Andy at Glidden Design. Ready to start posting at the weekend on life and work post LTS. .

Life and Work Post LTS

It is now 5 days since I left the ranks of the salaried public sector to become self employed. At the moment it just feels like the school holidays in the years when I was a teacher ... and I am loving it :) My plan is to take most of July to get myself organised with email, website, bank accounts etc and also to have a proper break from work after LTS. I am in the process of setting up my own website/blog (currently redirected to Some of my post LTS portfolio is already in place and.