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Inventing the Future of Learning

Very interesting little video about Inventing the Future of Learning and the work of the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme .  What I like most about it is the link to research, far too often missing from any discussion of educational technology. I also like the fact that it asks questions rather than simply asserting uncritically that technology in education is a good thing. Thanks to Joe Wilson @joecar for digging this one up..

InsideLearningTechnology Ep 4: The Push Me Pull You Conversation

masthead_image1_1285715561 Had another great evening on Wednesday with Matthew Boyle of Inside Learning fame. Matthew invited me to join him for Episode 4 InsideLearningTechnology. I was asked some great questions and think this podcast is probably the best summary of  how my thinking on learning and technology has evolved over the years. We followed this conversation by joining Steve and John Lloyd for a wide ranging discussion on citizenship, health, personal and social education - InsideLearning Episode 85: The Long Goodnight. All in all.

Inside Learning Podcast: Episode 81

masthead_image1_1285715561 I was interviewed on Wednesday evening for an Inside Learning podcast by my good friend and co-conspirator David Cameron @realdcameron My piece followed on from David's conversation with Graham Donaldson, former senior chief inspector/CEO of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE). Some themes flow through both of the interviews in the podcast, areas that we agree on, but as you might expect there are some contrasting opinions on what is required to transform Scottish education. Listen to the podcast here. My interview is part 2.

On being left-handed

MY LEFT HANDI came across an article in today's Dundee Courier which referred  to research published in the journal 'Laterality' by two academics - Hardie & Wright  - from the University of Abertay . The Abertay website headlines with  'lefties more likely to look before they leap' and suggests that people (like me) tend to be better decision makers in times of crisis. It makes good reading and I would of course have to agree:) The article made me smile as I reflected on.

Stephen Pinker on Language and Human Relations

Been re-watching some of the RSA Animate videos and came across this great one by Steven Pinker. I don't always agree with his analysis or for that matter all of the conclusions he makes, but to my mind he continues to make a serious contribution to our understanding at a very deep level of what it is to be human. In this video he turns his attention to the role of innuendo in human relations. His hypothesis is that even obvious innuendos are useful devices for maintaining fictional relationships as they are based on.

Glowing into the Future


I wrote a short piece on Glow Futures a couple of weeks ago and it was published today in TESS under the headline  'Glowing into the future may be easier said than done'.  I tried to be constructively critical and hope it is read in this spirit. Original text of article submitted to  The Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS) and published on 14 October 2011: Glowing into the Future I was not completely surprised to read last month that the Cabinet Secretary had decided to cancel.

#EduPic11 – Outline Programme

Thanks to those of you who have already signed-up for #EduPic11 on the 20th September. It is already shaping up to be a great day. You already know the overall structure of the event …


We plan to stimulate the conversations with short provocations and want you to do the same. If you have a vision, an issue, an idea or an ambition that you want to make part of the discussions, start thinking about that now, trim it to two minutes and let us know when you want to.

John Hunter and ‘The World Peace Game’

Got this link from Colm Linnane, Scottish Book Trust Online Teacher in Residence - @colmsbt John Hunter is a brilliant teacher: humble; self-effacing; enabling; dedicated to improving learning; an inspirational role model. Can you just imagine the delight of being one of his 4th Graders learning through his '21st Century Wisdom Table'? Do you think he has to spend a lot of time dealing with disruption or managing student underachievement? Just think.

Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson

Just came across this lovely little video from the RSA. Nothing new here but expressed so clearly, and with Sir Ken Robinson's trademark incisiveness and good humour. It's a real gem, hope you enjoy it as much as I did..