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Education to Employment 13

Education to Employment 13 I have been involved with some friends under the banner of Learning Unwrapped  in the design of  Education to Employment 13.  This event will explore some of the global challenges around the transition from education to employment, setting them in a Scottish context. We plan to open the event by looking at some of the findings from the McKinsey & Co report on Education to Employment.
75m young people in the so called developed world are out of work yet many employers claim to have vacancies.

Learning through Technology: A Strategic Perspective

ADES 1Nov12 Final.001 Last Thursday I gave the opening keynote at an event organised by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), supported by Education Scotland and sponsored by RM Education and Microsoft. In my keynote I tried to look beyond current projects and programmes in Scotland towards the bigger picture. I started off by suggesting that we are often too quick to select tools, techniques and technologies before we have given sufficient thought to the needs we are trying to meet. To my mind it is about separating the.

#creativeconversation, Edinburgh, 16 May 2012

I was going to be contributing some input to this evening's Edinburgh #creativeconversation but had to attend a meeting London at short notice. In anticipation of not being able to attend I sent my fellow contributor @olliebray a letter with some initial thought on creativity in general and the implications for Scottish education.
13 May 2012 Dear Ollie, Edinburgh Creative Conversation, 16 May Once again my apologies for leaving you in the lurch to do the Edinburgh Creative Conversation on you own. As discussed I got a late call to help a couple of inventor friends of mine to pitch a new technology in London.

DML 2012

dml2012-logo-sm Just coming to the end DML2012 and what has been a really interesting conference in San Francisco. I love the tagline 'Beyond Educational Technology' feels like where I have been trying to get to for last 25 years. This the third year of this event and it has grown into one of the main events in the calendar for those interested in the next generation of learning. More than that I think it will become the cultural home of a group of educators and academics looking to take innovative.

#EduPic11 – Outline Programme

Thanks to those of you who have already signed-up for #EduPic11 on the 20th September. It is already shaping up to be a great day. You already know the overall structure of the event …


We plan to stimulate the conversations with short provocations and want you to do the same. If you have a vision, an issue, an idea or an ambition that you want to make part of the discussions, start thinking about that now, trim it to two minutes and let us know when you want to.


I have been involved  in organising the #EduPic11 event which will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 20th September at Oran Mor. The idea of the event is bring together around 100 people to share ideas and have a conversation about Scottish Education that goes beyond the details of how to implement Curriculum for Excellence. The format of the event will be a conversation around three questions:
What could Scottish Education look like at its very best? (Re-imagining the future) Where are we now? (Reflecting on the present) What could we do to make it better? (Closing the gap)


Digital Scotland – Grasping the Opportunities

I was invited to an event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh last Thursday organised by The Foundation for Science and Technology. The theme of the event was "Digital Scotland - can Scotland grasp the opportunities created by the digital revolution?' The event coincided with the publication of 'Digital Scotland' by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The report makes interesting reading and suggests that Scotland requires 2,500km of fibre optic cable to remain economically competitive and become more socially inclusive. The cost is estimated as £100m installation with running costs of £10m a year.

Greg Whitby @ LTS

I was very fortunate to be invited back to LTS in Glasgow yesterday to join a delegation from Australia who were across to have a look at our national schools intranet  Glow. The delegation was led by Greg Whitby, CEO of the 80 schools in the Parramatta Diocese of Sydney. This was a really inspirational session and it was great to hear an educational leader with some vision for today's schools. Rather than repeat what is already out there I refer you to: Neil Winton's post on GregMeet Ollie Bray's post.

Scottish Learning Festival 2009

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="SLF"]SLF[/caption] Another really great SLF. It felt  really strange just walking around meeting people and enjoying the event without having any responsibilities. I ended up spending a lot of time catching-up with old friends and former colleagues and for a change was not dashing off to chair a session or attend a launch. Apart from the very important social and networking dimension of the event, it was a really good opportunity to find out what was new in the world of education and to be inspired. It is always hard to pick.

Glow Goes Live – In My House

I've been blogging about Glow for quite a few years now and have celebrated small each step along the way as the world's first national schools intranet slowly became a reality. This evening I was delighted to see my 13 year old daughter log onto Glow to do her maths homework. Although she decided to write the answers (and show the working) in her jotter this time I'm sure it won't be long before she will  work online and email the answers back to her teacher. Maybe she will start using some of the additional functionality of GlowLearn soon.