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Glowing into the Future


I wrote a short piece on Glow Futures a couple of weeks ago and it was published today in TESS under the headline  'Glowing into the future may be easier said than done'.  I tried to be constructively critical and hope it is read in this spirit. Original text of article submitted to  The Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS) and published on 14 October 2011: Glowing into the Future I was not completely surprised to read last month that the Cabinet Secretary had decided to cancel.

The McClelland Report: Review of ICT Infrastructure in the Public Sector in Scotland

[caption id="attachment_699" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="John McClelland"]John McClelland[/caption] Just finished reading the Scottish Government Review of the ICT Infrastructure in Scotland. As you would expect this is a substantial piece of work covering ICT strategy, procurement and spend across the Scottish public sector. The review, led by John McClelland,  suggests that if the public sector works smarter around ICT we would benefit from improved public services and substantial cash savings (£1bn over 5 years) Our Glow national schools intranet once again gets a positive mention:
Learning and Teaching Scotland is a NDPB.

Next Glow? (#EDIFF)

I was fortunate to be invited to a Scottish Government event last Friday hosted by Graham Leicester of the International Futures Forum.  The record of the proceedings can be found in Graham's blog which also links to some of the other online contributions (the record of the  live back-channel is on the Twitter hashtag #EDIFF ) I commented on Graham's Blog as below: Just like all other human inventions Glow has a historical context. Might be difficult for some to acknowledge but the idea of a national intranet was a.

Book: Education Nation

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Milton Chen, Education Nation"]Milton Chen, Education Nation[/caption] This lovely book has just arrived through the post. The author is my good friend Milton Chen, former executive director and now senior fellow at the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). Those with a long memory may recall that George Lucas, the Star wars director, spoke about Glow at the US House of Representatives in 2008 suggesting that there might be some lessons to be learned from the vision of the Scottish Government and the strategic.

Weeknotes 4 July 2010: ISTE 2010

Living beside the sea on the sunny and (relatively rain free) east coast of Scotland means that on most Sunday mornings I can play golf. I was up as usual just before 6.30 but the rain was just too heavy for me today so a good opportunity to get back into blogging. It is hard to believe that last Sunday morning I was in transit between San Jose and Denver, having spent some time at Cisco's corporate HQ, on my way to the ISTE 2010 Conference. I have attended the ISTE annual conference in the past (when it was called.

Glow Gets a Refresh

LTS announced earlier in the week that Glow is set to have a bit of facelift and get some long overdue new features. The addition of blogs and wiki functionality will strengthen Glow as as a platform for communication, collaboration and sharing across the whole educational community. The extension for a further two years of the contract with RM Education will provide a better return on the substantial  investment made by the Scottish Government. It will also give some more time for our learners and.

Glow Goes Live – In My House

I've been blogging about Glow for quite a few years now and have celebrated small each step along the way as the world's first national schools intranet slowly became a reality. This evening I was delighted to see my 13 year old daughter log onto Glow to do her maths homework. Although she decided to write the answers (and show the working) in her jotter this time I'm sure it won't be long before she will  work online and email the answers back to her teacher. Maybe she will start using some of the additional functionality of GlowLearn soon.