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Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson

Just came across this lovely little video from the RSA. Nothing new here but expressed so clearly, and with Sir Ken Robinson's trademark incisiveness and good humour. It's a real gem, hope you enjoy it as much as I did..

Lumiar Schools

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Ricardo Semler"]Ricardo Semler[/caption] I have been doing some work with Bristol based Futurelab and one of my roles involves exploring work undertaken by the Lumiar Institute of São Paulo in Brazil. I attended the Learning and Technology World Forum in London in January and really enjoyed listening to Ricardo Semler the Chief Executive of SEMCO talking about the the achievements of the schools he helped to establish. Ricardo Semler at Learning and Technology World Forum Also enjoyed watched this lecture on Leading by Omission which can.

Culture: Web, Lit & Flicks

The Water Horse LTS has added a lovely set of classroom resources to support the forthcoming movie 'The Waterhorse'. It has been placed within the context of Scotland's Culture as the myth of the Loch Ness Monster is one of the first things that people from other countries associate with Scotland. Our talented staff , in particular Patrica Kemp and Mark Oxbrow, have once again shown why the LTS Online Service continues to be the most popular website for Scottish teachers looking for resources to support learning and teaching. On. 						
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Movie: The Departed

Managed to escape to the pictures recently to see The Departed. Warner Bros promote the movie with 'Cop or criminal? What's the difference if you're facing a loaded gun.' Really great acting by Nicholson, Damon and Di Caprio. Back to Scorcese at his very best. If you can cope with the extreme violence then you will really appreciate the filming, the script, the setting and the score. Also one to see at the cinema rather than on DVD (unless you have a really big telly!). Is Di Caprio as good as the De Nero of Taxi Driver or.

Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird

tkmbI don’t get out very often enough to the pictures and I really enjoy watching movies at home. Recently I watched one of my favourites, the 1962 adapatation of Harper's Lee Pulitzer Prize winning novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ with Gregory Peck in the Oscar winning role as the lawyer Atticus Finch. Great story and a fantastic portrait of the US of the 1930s with a strong message that still has a resonance today (the definition of a classic?). To paraphrase Atticus Finch you never really know someone until.