A Day in Dundee

It’s a lovely autumn morning here in Dundee and I have one of those rare days without any meetings in my diary. A day to catch-up with tasks, clear some clutter (paper and email), have a walk round the office to speak to colleagues and even have the luxury of blogging from the office rather than in the evening at home.

It’s been a mad couple of months since the summer.

  • Had a great visit to Singapore
  • Had a great SLF – maybe the best so far?
  • Made good progress on our Dundee office move (now know where, just need to find out when and then manage the how)
  • Glow is going to plan, three more local authorities signed the Customer Agreement (the ‘licence’ to use Glow)
  • Started joint LTS/SQA work on a national online assessment resource
  • Appointed John Low from West Lothian and East Lothian’s edublogger Ewan McIntosh as National Advisers to lead on the development of Glow2
  • Connected Magazine shortlisted for Scottish Magazine of the year
  • Early Years Online and Modern Foreign Languages Environment areas of the LTS Online Service shortlisted for UK e-Learning Awards
  • Launched lots of new stuff online – ConnectedLive, Climate Change (a model of how to deal with the controversy around the Al Gore movie), Debating in Schools, Games Based Learning (The Consolarium), Journey to Excellence (with HMIe), Learning about Learning, Participation in Learning (with Save the Children) … [didn’t have time to add all the links but they can be found on the LTS homepage

So what lies ahead?

  • Well Glow is the biggest thing on my agenda. Four local authorities are starting to use Glow now (Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire, Dundee and East Dunbartonshire) with another group ready to go soon thereafter. We are gathering some momentum now and it is important that we focus on supporting the early adopters and secure some quick wins. I think this will also help reassure some of the doubters about Glow and win the last few hearts and minds.
  • Need to get the Dundee office move sorted. Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful life events. We need to make sure that we have a smooth transition with the minimum of hassle for staff.
  • Need to get started on SLF 08. We have already booked the venue and will need to secure keynote speakers soon. In fact we need to get started on SLF 09 &10 soon as we really need to plan two years ahead.
  • I expect to spend quite a lot of time helping to get national online assessment resource moving.
  • Want to ensure that our r&d work continues to be given high priority and in particular need to invest more of my time in web2 and the computer games for learning areas.
  • Got to make sure that our other work continues to tick along, eg online communities of practice and virtual advisory service
  • Also want to do some work on technology and content strategies as well as improving our performance reporting systems.
  • Would be a good boost to staff if we were to win awards for our Connected publication and for the LTS Online Service.

But for now it’s time for a quick cup of coffee before attacking my inbox and making a few phonecalls.


  1. Hi Laurie.

    I am happy to hear that progress on Glow is going well. I am looking forward to working with the other mentors in East Lothian ASAP!

    Tess 🙂

  2. Tess,
    That’s great. We hope to get Glow out to you and the other mentors in East Lothian as soon as possible. The success of Glow (like any other educational resource) really depends on how teachers and learners use it. I think it will add value to your work and look forward to finding out what difference it makes to your teaching.