A Day in My Life

Alarm goes off. Not travelling to Glasgow today so can sleep a little longer.
Shower, breakfast then clear kitchen for builders to knock wall down.
Amy to school with cello.
Julie to school, Moira to the MS centre & then buy special light bulbs for the bathroom on the way to work.
Parking at the office is a nightmare. Work all morning in our Dundee office. Catch-up with staff, email blitz, phonecalls, paperwork and work on strategy documentation.
Meeting with media education group to discuss connections with Curriculum for Excellence
More email and phonecalls. Discussions around corporate blogging policy [more of this later]. Chase up a couple of HR issues. Plan visits to Webster’s High School, Kirriemuir and Blairgowrie High on Thursday. Plan visit to Welsh Assembly next month. Discussion with BBC about branding for Jam in Scotland.
Pick up Moira in the car.
Meeting with Principal of University of Abertay, Bernard King, to discuss developments and areas of mutual interest including computer games for learning. Tour of new ‘White Space’ area of university. Stunning!
Telephone call to Brian Johnston of KPMG to discuss work in relation to our ICT strategy and governance arrangements.
Bought two new watch straps before taking the bus home.
Home. Made evening meal. Cleaned house after wall demolition. Watched 20 minutes of Celtic v Benfica (good result for Scottish football). Sat with Amy as she did her science homework. Listened to Julie singing songs. Caught up on some more emails. Walked the dog. Wrote this blog.

Tired and off to bed. Early rise as I’m back to Glasgow again in the morning.


  1. Nice work! Maybe pack in a few more items next Tuesday when you’ll be busy making innovation flourish :}

  2. Debbie Tynen

    Hope your visit to the Welsh Assembly was useful. What did you think of Cardiff Bay/Sennedd building?