Last Week/Next Week 24.2.08

Spending a lot of the time either travelling or in meetings at the moment and my blogging is really just a ‘where is Laurie log?’ rather than much of a ‘learning log’.

Last week started with a corporate management team the highlight of this was a presentation from my colleague Ewan McIntosh on some of the work he has been doing around social media for education. I had the chance later that day to discuss with Ewan our priorities over the next six months or so. Any readers of his edu.blogs will get a sense of how much ground Ewan covers – not just in terms of geography and networking but also in terms of his sheer activism and productivity.

On Tuesday I started off at HMIe HQ in Livingston with Chief Inspector Ken Muir. The context was the LTS Corporate Plan for 2008-11 and we had a very useful conversation covering a lot of ground from sharing good practice, through Scottish Government priorities and the changing public sector landscape to suggestions for the areas that LTS should seek to cover over the next three years.

We are at the stage of pulling together the programme for the Scottish Learning Festival 2008. The event is now established as the premier national cpd event and this has been recognised by our Cabinet Secretary – SLF Makes Scotland Smarter. We are looking at more than 300 offers of presentations with only 150 available slots. Being over-subscribed is a great position to be in at one level and an opportunity to reshape the event a little bit. Look out for some creative thinking!

I had a day of ‘leadership development’ from ER Consulting on Wednesday. Some of which was little more than basic management training as far as I was concerned. However, the opportunity to get some direct coaching on dealing with difficult situations was really great and made the day very worthwhile for me.
On Thursday I led a meeting with the 85 or so staff from the Learning and Technology Directorate within LTS. The objectives of the day were:

  1. Share our work with colleagues
  2. Make connections between our work and the work of our colleagues
  3. Network
  4. Have some fun
  5. Take these four objectives and make them part of our every day practice

From my point of view it was an excellent day with over 30 staff leading short-presentations. We captured everything on an internal blog (which I hope to publish) and with the help of staff from BBC Learning made a short movie of the day. [Thanks to Andy Pendry from BBC Learning. Andy, former PT computing in Edinburgh and Apple education guru, will be joining LTS next month to take the role of Glow Technology Adviser and my chief technology adviser.]

Next week I am off to a 4 Countries ICT Summit hosted by Becta in Birmingham for a couple of days. I hope to blog some of this and try to capture an overview of what is happening across the four UK education systems.

We have LTS Corporate Plan consultation meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday and I’m off to Victoria Quay in Edinburgh on Thursday for a Scottish Learning Festival Governance Group meeting at the Scottish Government.

On Friday I have the honour of being a guest of East Dunbartonshire Council speaking at their launch of Glow in Douglas Academy.

So my week looks like this: Dundee to Glasgow to Birmingham to Glasgow to Dundee to Edinburgh to Dundee to Milngavie and finally back to Dundee. Phew (:

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