Out of the office again

Another interesting day away from my desk and my inbox. Started off meeting my two programme directors, Ian Graham (Schools ICT) and Marie Dougan (Glow), in the IKEA cafe on my way to Haddington. Ian, Marie and I try to meet up at least once a week to plan, discuss issues and generally catch-up. Rather than have a fixed meeting in the diary we try to fit in with our other appointments and this week IKEA was the best bet. On our agenda was end of year finances, content strategy for Glow, staffing requirements for next year, priorities for the next week and making sure we cover all the meetings between us. I have worked with Ian and Marie in LTS for more than four years and have known them for much longer as we were all local authority ICT advisers together. They are both great colleagues, hard working, solution oriented and dedicated to improving Scottish education. I like to think of us as a team pulling in the same direction, celebrating progress and supporting each other when times are tough.

After my free coffee in IKEA (only before 1000) I was off to meet two of my favourite bloggers and educational thinkers, Don Ledingham and Ewan McIntosh. Over a baked potato (thanks Don) we discussed progress with Ewan’s secondment. Ewan is on secondment to LTS but placed back with his home local authority, East Lothian. Both Don and I are delighted with the work Ewan has being doing to drive forward innovation in East Lothian and to support LTS in the development of our Web2/LiveWeb strategy.
As mentioned in an earlier post Stephen Heppell is going to be spending some time working with schools in Scotland in preparation for his input into the Learning Festival in September. Both Ewan and Don have agreed to spend some time working with Stephen in East Lothian and I think this will be a really useful collaboration.

After lunch I gave Ewan a lift back to Leith on my way to Victoria Quay to meet Vicky Carlin and Neil MacFarlane of the New Educational Developments Division in SEED. Ian and Marie had arranged a meeting to look at our work for 2007-08 so I took the chance to drop in to discuss progress with Glow in preparation for the Executive Board on Wednesday.

Just before 1600 I was back on the road north again.

Wednesday is a Dundee day. Starting off with a meeting at DCA to discuss links with Curriculum for Excellence and as part of my role in promoting LTS in the city. Next I am meeting the Chair of our Board John Mulgrew to show him around some of the other public sector offices in Dundee. Then it’s back to the office for John to meet with a number of Dundee based staff. At the end of the day I will video conference into the SEED Glow Executive Board which is now meeting once a month as we closer to the launch of the service.

On Thursday I may have jury duty. An important public duty but one I could do without this week – but I suppose that is what everybody says. Wanting to serve on a jury should probably lead to an automatic disqualification 🙂

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  1. Don

    As ever Laurie it was good to meet up today. We really know how to spoil our guests in East lothian – I promise Stephen Heppell will get more than a tattie!!