This Week 6.3.08

This week started in Glasgow with a LTS Corporate Management Team and a Glow Programme Board.

Tuesday was back in Glasgow for a meeting with Andy Torrance, formerly BT now with TLG (The Learning Game). I then had a very useful leadership coaching session with Martyn Sakol of ER Consulting. The value of having someone from outside to bounce ideas off and get an objective perspective is great. The day finished with the LTS ICT Programme Board which covers more than our ICT work – from the LTS Online Service to the Scottish Learning Festival. At this time of year our focus is on managing the end of this financial year (the end of a three year spending cycle) and making sure we are ready to hit the ground running for the next three year cycle.

Wednesday started with meeting Sally Fulton to discuss LTS’ role working with HMIe on Journey to Excellence. Then it was to Edinburgh to meet Sue Granville of George Street research to be interviewed on the strategic role of the Scottish Learning Festival as part of a commissioned evaluation of the event. The afternoon ended with an EIS/LTS update meeting between our corporate management team and the senior officers/elected office bearers of Scotland’s largest teaching union. Lots to discuss here but the focus was very much progress with Curriculum for Excellence and Glow.

Today I am in our Dundee office catching-up with internal meetings and a visit to our corporate distribution centre. I also have a telephone conference organised by ScotlandIS to explore the innovative use of technology across Scotland – could be really interesting.

On Friday I am off to a local authority ICT advisers, SICTDG, gathering in Aberdeen for the morning. The main item on the agenda for me is progress with Glow. I hope to finish the day back in our Dundee office so that I can start the weekend before it gets dark (:

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