Back to Work and off to BETT

Back to work today in Glasgow and straight back into the thick of it. I took the full fortnight off this year and really feel the benefit of the extra couple of days – think I may turn this into a tradition and relive the years when I enjoyed school holidays as a teacher.

For the rest of the week I will be in London at the BETT Show. BETT has become the largest educational event in the UK (or so emap the organisers claim) with over 700 exhibitors and large numbers of visitors over the four days making their way to the Olympia exhibition centre. I have made the journey down to London every year since my days as an ICT advisor with Dundee City Council but increasing find the exhibition a waste of time. It may be that there is so little change from one year to the next or the fact that my job allows to see (and often try out) the latest gadgets and software before they are on general release. But I think the main reason is that I just don’t like the way that many of the products and services are oversold/hyped.
I usually set myself a small number of targets before I go to BETT and this year I want to:

  • Spend some time with key staff working for RM on our Glow our national schools intranet
  • Catch-up on progress with BBC Jam
  • Speak to Stephen Heppell about some work I would like him to do with us in Scotland
  • Meet staff from our partner organisation Becta
  • Spend a limited time in the exhibition looking for stuff that might be useful and making sure that we are not missing any tricks in Scotland.


  1. and…..get as many free pens as you can?

  2. Welcome back, Laurie. Things have been busy in the Web 2 world over Christmas – I wonder if it ever stops to take a holiday. There were 500 or so poor sods still reading my blog on Christmas day which can’t be right! It’d be great to meet up when you get back from BETT. It’d be great to see what part of Heppell’s repertoire you were thinking of ‘importing’ 😉

  3. I made the decision a couple of years ago not to go to BETT. It is a long way, very expensive and of limited value when we have SETT in September.

    Enjoy your week 🙂

  4. Hello Laurie

    a colleague (and friend) of mine, Scott D at Scottish Screen suggested I should meet you about some research I’m doing for an event – to cumbersome to explain on a post. I’m amazed – you are in Dundee ! I would email but its never worked for me yet, trying to reach someone from LTS (all respect) I am interesed in many of the things I have looked at via your links etc – please could you mail me,

    best wishes