Charles Leadbeater: Education in the Slums

I love this TED Talk from Charles Leadbetter – who in my view is one of the best radical thinkers on the future of education. Charles covers a lot of ground including how the 19th Century Prussian (‘Bismarckian’) model of education that dominates the developed world is not scalable to the developing world. He also picks up on themes from Clay Christensen’s ‘Innovators Dilemma’ and the contrast between incremental sustaining innovation and transformational disruptive innovation. The idea of education scaling in the developing world on the model of the proliferation of Chinese restaurants rather than McDonald’s is one that I take away from this inspirational talk.

🙂 Anyway just watch the video…

This TED talk is based on the research paper that Cisco commissioned on innovative approaches to education in the developing world – ‘Learning from Extremes’:

Thanks to Michael Hallissy (@mhallissy) for the link to this TED Talk via Twitter.

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