Event: Becta ICT Excellence Awards

Travelled down to Birmingham on Monday afternoon to attend the Becta ICT in Excellence Awards. I am not the biggest fan of awards events but know that we need to do better at recognising and rewarding innovative practice that impacts positively on the life chances of our young people.

I had the honour of sitting with Mari Wallace and the headteacher of Isobel Mair School, a special 5-18 special school in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire. The school won the Inclusion Primary UK award and was described by one of the judges as ‘an outstanding, creative and innovative school’. Having spent evening with Mari, 4 of her staff and a consultant who works with the school I can see how the judge arrived at this conclusion. Mari has a great team and their work is a wonderful advert for the quality of Scottish education.
High on my to-do list is a visit to the Isabel Mair school. Look out for another blog!

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