Ewan McIntosh: Teacher, Communicator and edublogger

I am in our Dundee office today trying to catch-up on a few tasks before the Scottish Learning Festival. It’s a beautiful clear day here with blue skies and the River Tay shimmering to a warm gentle breeze as my only distraction… well apart from email, the phone and a to do list that keeps getting longer as the day progresses.

Tomorrow afternoon, in the LTS Glasgow office, I am going to be saying a few words at a presentation for Ewan McIntosh. [Ooops – just checked my diary and it has been postponed.]  Ewan recently left LTS to take up a very exciting post with Channel 4 4ip as Digital Commissioner for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Ewan McIntosh

Over the last couple of years Ewan worked as one of LTS’ national advisers with a remit to explore new technologies for learning. The extent of this work has been incredibly well documented through Ewan’s edu.blog.com. Ewan’s blog reflects the energy, enthusiasm and passion that he brings to everything he does. Before taking up the post of national adviser Ewan was seconded from East Lothian Council to work initially on the development of our award winning  Modern Foreign Language Environment (proof of concept project for Glow) and then on the development of educational blogs. My first contact with Ewan was more than 5 years ago when he applied for a John Dickie Award grant to explore blogs in education. It won’t surprise you that his application was successful.

What makes Ewan and his edu.blogcom so interesting is not just his prolific output – it is often hard to believe the scope and scale of what he is able to do, write and sustain on a daily basis. Nor is it the remarkable global network that he is able to maintain with consumate ease. What makes Ewan’s blog such a great success, to my mind at least, is the fact that he is a fantastic communicator.

His move from LTS is education’s loss and the media’s gain. His ability to take complex ideas around social media and translate them into meaningful contexts will stand him in good stead for another successful career. I extend LTS’ thanks to Ewan for his hard work and commitment over the last 4 years and wish him all the best for the future in the sure knowledge that our paths will continue to cross.

PS Ewan will be in action again on Wednesday night in the SECC as the facilitator of TeachMeet2008 at The Scottish Learning Festival.

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