Glow Goes Live – In My House

I’ve been blogging about Glow for quite a few years now and have celebrated small each step along the way as the world’s first national schools intranet slowly became a reality.

This evening I was delighted to see my 13 year old daughter log onto Glow to do her maths homework. Although she decided to write the answers (and show the working) in her jotter this time I’m sure it won’t be long before she will  work online and email the answers back to her teacher. Maybe she will start using some of the additional functionality of GlowLearn soon after that.

Anyway one small step for Glow but a very important one for me 🙂

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  1. I share your delight, Laurie.

    I remember telling my original SSDN (Glow) collaborator, Robert Skey, that the circle would be complete for me when one of his (at the time unborn) children started using our national learning platform. So, two or three more years should just about do it……. 🙂