Glow in the News Again

There is an article by Melanie Reid in this morning’s Times Online covering George Lucas’ testimony to the US Congress.

Under the headline ‘The Force is with Scotland’s School’s intranet, says George Lucas’ the articles goes on to say:

‘In what must rank as one of the most heady compliments ever given to an education system, the film maker announced to members of the US House of Representatives that America should adopt Scotland’s pioneering school websites as a way to improve pupil access to technology.’


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  1. An interesting article, and of course she is right. I hope that when the evaluations and research on GLOW start to come in and show a real measurable benefit to using it then maybe it will finally be the one ICT investment to buck the trend in the UK and actually show the expected transformation of teaching and learning hoped for from all the previous initiatives in this area. My own work has shown large gains in attainment and I am sure others will be able to replicate this as the uptake and regular use of GLOW gathers pace across Scotland. I think the rest of the world could learn a lot from us here…

  2. laurie

    Jayne your research looks really interesting and as soon as I get a chance to absorb it properly I will post.

    The more research on Glow the better. Not all the research will be as positive as yours but even the negative research will help us to do even better when it comes to designing Glow 2. Any ideas you have on what Glow 2 should like will be most welcome.