Glow is ‘Out of This World’ – According to The Scotsman

Another good news story for Glow in this morning’s ‘Scotsman’ newspaper. Fiona McLeod notes that the capabilities of Glow ‘are proving to be out of this world for teachers who can use it find free resources and materials for school projects as wide ranging as The Vikings to the planets.’

Lots of great stuff beginning to happen using Glow – some of which we could never have imagined when developing the idea. We still need to work hard to make sure that every learner and teacher in Scotland has the opportunity to take full advantage of what Glow has to offer.

Glow  was designed with narrowing the digital divide as a key objective. It may be that a new gap is opening up, this time not one based on whether you live in a remote/rural part of Scotland or in a large city. Not even one based on socio-economics, although this continues to be a concern. The gap is increasingly whether you have access to Glow or not. My focus is on making sure we close that gap as quickly as we can.

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  1. Jaye Richards

    I agree entirely with your analysis of the new ‘digital divide’ but would add another; one involving those who have access but choose not to use GLOW. I think events such as the autopsy, Willie Roger stuff, and the poetry VC are the way forward in engaging many more colleagues, particularly in the secondary sector. Many of my own colleagues popped in and out during the autopsy and were motivated enough to come and ask more about GLOW and request passwords/training.
    The follow-up work to events such as this can help GLOW to become embedded in everyday practice I think.
    I hope this aspect of GLOW use can be further developed, perhaps with music and drama workshops ? …and wouldn’t someone like Gunther Von Hagens be great in a GLOW meet event for science !!!

    Food for thought….

  2. laurie

    I agree Jaye. Maybe we make too much of the technology and not enough of the practice and this puts some teachers off. I see ICT as just another part of the 21st C teacher’s repertoire and Glow needs to become a taken for granted resource. GlowMeet events with a whole range of experts are going to be commonplace within Glow as they are so powerful. Contact Andrew Brown or Marie Dougan to take your idea forward as we are on the lookout for exciting events and science is a priority area.