International Podcast #15 –

In the week prior to leaving LTS in June I was interviewed by Michael Hallisay, Director of Dublin’s Digital Hub Development Agency and partner at H2 Learning.

The interview was published last week as International Podcast #15

From my point of view it is reasonable description of the state of play in terms of ICT for education in Scotland at the time – good progress but still much left to do.

Michael’s questions give me an opportunity to say something about what we were trying to achieve and some of the thinking behind the approach we took – learning pull rather than technology push.

It is also interesting to see how Glow and the other developments in Scotland are perceived from across the Irish Sea – world leading!

Overall the Learning Blog is well worth a visit and if you have time the other 14 international interviews provide a great insight into educational technology developments elsewhere in the world.

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  1. David Ramsay

    Just a thought, is it not a shame that each region of the world has their own solutions rather than an overall objective to educate its students to participate in the future of the human race as one.