John Hunter and ‘The World Peace Game’

Got this link from Colm Linnane, Scottish Book Trust Online Teacher in Residence – @colmsbt

John Hunter is a brilliant teacher: humble; self-effacing; enabling; dedicated to improving learning; an inspirational role model.

Can you just imagine the delight of being one of his 4th Graders learning through his ’21st Century Wisdom Table’? Do you think he has to spend a lot of time dealing with disruption or managing student underachievement?

Just think what Scotland’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ would look like if we used games like John Hunter’s ‘World Peace Game’ to help students deal with complexity and grapple with global citizenship. Imagine how much of our curriculum and assessment we could hang on a game like this.

After spending 25 years plus in education I am amazed that we are still, more often than not, locked into models of teaching and learning that reflect nothing about how people learn or the importance of designing meaningful contexts for learning.

The work of Derek Robertson at LTS’ Consolarium, and others, has already demonstrated that play can be so powerful in promoting deep learning. John Hunter’s ‘World Peace Game’ adds more weight to that growing body of evidence – let’s hope his innovation inspires teachers to bring more creative leadership into our classrooms.

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