OECD Review of National Policies for Education: Quality and Equity of Schooling in Scotland – 2 Summary of Recommendations

National priorities funding through local government compacts
1. Develop a funded national innovation plan
2. Link Schools of Ambition closely into 1.
3. Extend the Scottish Survey of Achievement to all children and make the results against targets the basis of negotiations over resources between central and local government
Greater school autonomy in a local government framework
4. Local authorities to develop their own policy and priority frameworks for improvement
5. Targeting of resources for equity purposes should be done within the context of 1.
6. Local authorities cede more autonomy to schools in return for agreeing platform of improvement in learning opportunities and outcomes.
A comprehensive, structure and accessible curriculum
7. Each local authority develops it own contextualised charter of learning opportunities
8. Vocational courses be made available to all young people from S3 spanning 14-18
9. Government to support school-based provision of vocational courses (North Lanarkshire model)
10. Each local authority to establish a curriculum planning and pathways network linking schools, FE and employers
11. Standard Grades phased out and replaced with more effective pathways for all young people
12. A content flexible Scottish Certificate of Education (graduation certificate) be developed to sanction completion of education and training in schools or college
13. S5 and S6 pupils to have programme of study that leads to the Scottish Certificate of Education as a minimum
14. Development of 2 year plan for those who choose to leave at 16
Continuous review of curriculum and teaching
15. Local authorities to examine approaches to the gathering of feedback from learners on the quality of teaching
16. Teachers to be consulted on course quality and design
Monitoring school leaver destinations
17. Consider extending the scope of the Scottish Survey of School Leavers by making contact well before leaving dates
18. Careers Scotland to enhance the data sets they currently provide to schools and local authorities

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