P6 Visit to the Scottish Parliament

Parliament WindowsMeant to post this one as couple of weeks ago. I was the lucky parent helper chosen to visit the Scottish Parliament with two P6 classes on 1 February. Apart from school buses with 5 seats in each row and seat belts not much has changed since I was in P6 … maybe the teachers look a bit younger than I remember 🙂

Anyway the highlight of the day for the pupils was not getting to sit in their MSP Shona Robison’s chair or getting a guided tour round the wonderful building but the spectacle of a protestor being removed from the gallery for disrupting First Minister’s Question Time. Made me think about intended and unintended curriculum outcomes.
My own highlight, apart from just having a day out with my wee girl, was a comment made by a girl during a question on school discipline and exclusions. She said ‘they are so rude to each other, they just keep shouting out and not putting their hand up’. From the mouths of babes …

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  1. When I used to teach Modern Studies I use to let the pupils see some examples of televised Prime ministers Question Time. I used always get comments from pupils about the failure of the PM to answer a straight question and about the boorish behaviour of MP’s in the House of commons. You are right out of the mouth of babes!