School Show

Last Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of attending the P6/7 school show at Eastern Primary School in Dundee. The show was called ‘Hot Dates’ and the story follows a group of primary teachers on the first day of term planning the big (‘hot’) events of the school year – from the nativity play to the school sports. It’s a great script for a P6/7 show because the children understand the context of the school, get the jokes and have such fun playing the familiar parts of teachers and pupils.

It was a brilliant show, P6 were on stage throughout as the choir with all of the children in P7 getting a chance to perform each night and many changing roles between the two performances. On the Thursday my daughter Julie was an angel (only very slightly out of character) and on the Friday she was a dinner lady/waitress (pretty much totally out of character).

As a parent I have loved watching my children in school shows and concerts. Eastern Primary has given them both great opportunities to sing, play musical instruments and act whether it was in the school hall, the local church, the theatre and even in Dundee’s famous Caird Hall.

I have organised (more than?) my share of school events in the past from parents’ evenings and prize givings to concerts. So I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into a successful performance. Without taking away any of the credit from the children themselves – it really was their show – you really do have to take your hat off to the teachers, parents, school staff and other volunteers who give up so much of their own time to make sure everything is alright on the night. They have worked tirelessly to find a great script, manage the venue, lead the rehearsals, design the costumes, do the make-up and much more besides. All of this takes place on top of the day job. So much for schools winding down as the summer approaches!

I am left with the image of the children on the stage taking a well deserved bow and looking so proud of their achievements. It is an image that will stay with me for a long time as this was the last ‘hot date’ that I will attend as a parent at Eastern. In many respects I will really miss being the parent of a child at primary and can’t believe that it is 11 years since I attended my first event at Eastern. Happy days for sure, but secondary school beckons and I look forward to many happy days ahead.

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