LTS recently opened up a wiki called ScotEduPedia. LTS staff and a few others have started to populate the wiki and we (you) need to do some more work before we can really launch it properly.

I thought I would use this post to reflect on what I hope we will get out of this resource:

  • A collaboratively developed collection of articles covering the full breadth and depth of our knowledge of education
  • An exploration of education in Scotland – past, present and future.
  • An international perspective on our work
  • Space to open up professional and collegiate discussion and debate
  • An opportunity to publish, share and develop our knowledge of what works in the classroom and why it works.

ScotEduPedia has been born on the basis of a few articles and will start to crawl, walk and run over the next few months and years. Our hope is that it will, over time, become not only an important source of information and guidance to those who work in education but also a key platform for the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

The Curriculum for Excellence needs every teacher to be an excellent professional and ScotEduPedia is one of the many resources that they will be able to draw on.

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  1. Seems that the link above does not work! At least not for me.