US Visit 3 – The George Lucas Educational Foundation


One of the objectives of the visit was to build on our existing relationship with The George Lucas Educational Foundation, and find out more about their flagship publication Edutopia. We had the opportunity to spent some time with Milton Chen, Executive Director and Steve Arnold, Vice Chair/CFO.  We were also able to brief GLEF staff on LTS, Curriculum for Excellence and Glow and get some insights into the latest educational developments in the US.

I picked this text up from the Edutopia website and really like it:

Kids today. No previous generation has experienced anything like the current pace of transformational societal change. Yet, in light of extraordinary advancements in how we interact with each other and the world, our system of education has been frustratingly slow to adapt.

The George Lucas Educational Foundation was created to address this issue. Our vision is of a new world of learning. A place where kids and parents, teachers and administrators, policy makers and the people they serve, all are empowered to change education for the better. A place where schools have access to the same invaluable technology as businesses and universities — where innovation is the rule, not the exception. A place where children become lifelong learners and develop the technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the twenty-first century. A place of inspiration, aspiration, and an urgent belief that improving education improves the world we live in.

We call this place Edutopia. And we provide not just the vision for this new world of learning but also the leading-edge interactive tools and resources to help make it a reality.

This is a vision of the educational future that I am happy to be associated with. Does that make me an edutopian?

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