Education to Employment 13

Education to Employment 13

I have been involved with some friends under the banner of Learning Unwrapped  in the design of  Education to Employment 13.  This event will explore some of the global challenges around the transition from education to employment, setting them in a Scottish context.

We plan to open the event by looking at some of the findings from the McKinsey & Co report on Education to Employment.

75m young people in the so called developed world are out of work yet many employers claim to have vacancies that they can’t fill

70% of educators believe that young people leave them well prepared for work yet less than 50% of young people and employers would agree

The McKinsey & Co report suggests that educators, employers and young people live in ‘parallel universes’ and that we need to find new forms of collaboration if we are to improve outcomes.

This is clearly a complex area and there are no simple answers but there is some existing practice that we know to be effective. Education to Employment 13 is an attempt to identify what works and why it works. If you feel you have something to contribute please register for the event and join the conversation.

More info on Education to Employment 13 on the Think Different Events website.  More detail on the purpose and structure of the event below:


The recent publication of the interim report of the Commission on Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce (chaired by Sir Ian Wood)  sets the backdrop for this event. The agenda for the day will provide opportunities for attendees to:

  • Explore the global challenges being faced by those leading and managing the transition from education to employment
  • Engage in constructive discussion around what currently works in Scotland and why it works – from the perspective of education providers, employers and young people
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the interim findings of the Wood Commission


The conference has been specifically designed for those concerned with the policy and practices surrounding education to employment for young people including:

  • Those involved in the provision of education for young people
  • Those involved in the employment of young people
  • Third sector organisations working with young people at the transition point between formal education and the workforce


The conference has been structured around a number of short presentations and expert panel inputs designed to develop a better understanding of the challenges and stimulate lively group discussions.

The day will have three component parts:

  • Part 1: The global challenges
  • Part 2: Emerging Scottish solutions
  • Part 3: Looking Ahead – The Wood Commission Interim Report

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