I have been involved  in organising the #EduPic11 event which will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 20th September at Oran Mor.

The idea of the event is bring together around 100 people to share ideas and have a conversation about Scottish Education that goes beyond the details of how to implement Curriculum for Excellence.

The format of the event will be a conversation around three questions:

What could Scottish Education look like at its very best? (Re-imagining the future)

Where are we now? (Reflecting on the present)

What could we do to make it better? (Closing the gap)


The aim of the event is to maximise active participation so there will no  keynote speakers or roundtable discussions of ‘education experts’. Everyone will be on an equal footing and all experience will be both valued and up for discussion.

We are hoping to draw an audience from across Scotland (hence the 10.45 start to allow those who live beyond the central belt to attend). We also hope to attract some people who might be coming to Glasgow anyway for SLF11 [I see that we already have a delegate from London within a couple of hours of the site going live.]

We are planning on inviting short (2 minute) ‘provocations’ from the attendees and will also welcome video clips from people who are not able to come along on the day.

The event will cost around £50 (£45/£55) to cover the cost of the venue, lunch and the services of Graham Ogilvie who will keep a visual record of the day [our edupics and hence the name of the event].

Follow our thinking as we get closer to the event on  Twitter via #EduPic11

Sign up for the event here via the Eventbrite website.

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  1. paul martin

    Keep an eye on the yanks, and there’s also some good work going on in Kilmarnock.