Event: NESTA – Making Innovation Flourish

On the early train to Glasgow this morning (0636 from Broughty Ferry) but flying down to London this evening to attend a conference on Tuesday organised by NESTA. The event is called Making Innovation Flourish.

The programme interesting with sessions looking at both the wider context of innovation (global economic trends) and the necessary preconditions (skills, attitudes, funding etc).

Speakers include a former Prime Minister and President of Finland and Rt Hon Tessa Jowell from the DCMS.

Some of the questions being asked are ‘If the UK is so bad at innovation, Why are we so rich?’ (are we so rich?), ‘Creative Industries: Does Size Matter?’ (important question for our Online Service which has grown in size and is increasingly a creative industry in its own right) and ‘What are the skills and attitudes required for future innovators?’ (major challenge for our new Curriculum for Excellence).

Hope to blogs over the next couple of days and reflect on what I got out of the event. Will it good use of my time? Let’s hope so!

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