Public Sector Summit 2008

I am in Stockholm and Oslo this week attending a ‘Public Sector Summit’ organised by CISCO.

Apart from having to get up before 0500 to catch a flight to London on the way to Stockholm this is a pretty good way to earn a living.

The event starts this evening in Stockholm and finishes on Thursday evening with a concert and dinner in Oslo to celebrate award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The agenda looks really interesting with a combination of keynote. The highlights for Tuesday morning look like:

  • Professor Carlota Perez – ‘The Roles of State and Market in Shaping a Sustainable Global Golden Age’
  • Government 2.0: Roundtable discussion on New Directions for the Public Sector

On Tuesday afternoon I am attending a specialist session on ‘Achieving Access and Equality across Education’ – something very dear to my heart. Hope there are some lessons I can take home with me because this continues to be a major issue and a significant challenge for education in Scotland.

On Wednesday morning I get the opportunity to get on a bus and do some visits to ‘technology enabled innovations’ in the City of Stockholm. It is great to see this stuff for yourself rather than to just read about it.

Overall I am looking forward to the event for three main reasons.

  1. Opportunity to look at service innovation across the public sector (I spend most of my time immersed in education/children’s services and value the opportunity to find out what is happening in health, central gov etc)
  2. Opportunity to look beyond Scotland
  3. Opportunity to reflect on how we are doing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

I have not given any time to my blog over the past few weeks and I hope to post a couple of times a day as there is a wireless network at the venue.


  1. Enjoy :The Cisco Public Services Summit still rates as one of the best learning and sharing experiences I have had in my career in education.

    I would be interested to hear about any leads in the vocational landscape. I came away with loads last time. Wouldn’t mind an off line debrief.

    My travelling partner John Connell met the Sugababes and got a new job 😉

  2. laurie

    We could do with a meeting soon anyway. I’ll arrange something when I get back.

    John Connell is pretty lucky – he got the chance to travel to Sweden with Joe Wilson of the SQA …

    🙂 L

  3. Now…I’m not knocking time spent with Joe Wilson, but we’re talking Keisha and Heidi here…. 🙂