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I was interviewed recently by Keri Sutherland of Holyrood Magazine as a contribution to article she was writing on creativity in education. Full article under the title  ‘Fertile Minds‘ was published in the latest edition.

See below a selection of quotes from me:

“… schools were designed for (a particular) age – we still haven’t moved on very much. We live in very rapidly changing times. I would argue we live in times that are changing more rapidly and more turbulently than has ever been the case in human history.”

“The argument that you do well at school and you’ll get a job is not enough. I think what we need in this world is that spark of ingenuity and innovation, what some people call adaptive competence. So you learn something, but you’re able to adapt to the circumstance of change in order to thrive in today’s world.”

“One of the first decisions made by the authors of Curriculum for Excellence was to keep subject areas. …  the curriculum should have embraced …the idea of knowledge and skills in the round rather than in silos.”

“We still measure success by qualifications. … They are interesting and a useful proxy but for me they’re not a good measure of teacher performance or student success.”

‘Creativity can get too sated with connections to the arts … A lot in the arts is a rehash of something created 100 years ago. It can be very formulaic. I see lots more creative enterprise in the technology world where applied imagination is much more extensive in really inventing and innovating. We need to make sure creativity in schools isn’t siloed into the arts.”

‘We’re still doing reasonably well educationally [but in slow relative decline compared to other countries] …   If Scotland was doing badly then that would be a rocket up any complacency there was. You’d need to do something quite radical.”

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