Julian Baggini: Is there a real you?

Came across this short TEDx Youth Talk by philosopher Julian Baggini that I liked and thought worth sharing. Baggini debunks much of the popular psychology that promotes the idea of a fixed human core or essence and the fatalism that accompanies it.

Instead he argues that the ‘real you’ is more like a work in progress rather than a ‘thing’ which is fixed and unchanging just waiting to be discovered by answering a quiz in a magazine or by taking a psychometric test as part of a job interview process.

At our best we are learners, we gather experience, develop skills, try to make sense of our world and act to make it better.

Baggini ends this short talk with this lovely quote from Dhammapada:

‘Well makers lead the water (wherever they like);
fletchers bend the arrow;
carpenters bend a log of wood;
wise people fashion themselves.

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