Autumn 2007?

Well what a great summer. Can’t believe it’s over and the schools are back already. I took quite a lot of time off but still managed to be very productive at work – just goes to show that life-work balance is as good for work as it is for life.

I have three big things on my agenda at the moment. First of all Glow. Three local authorities (Dundee, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire) will be our early adopters and if all goes to plan another three will follow close behind. It is great to have got to the point where the idea of a national schools intranet is on the verge of turning into a reality. Not many government IT projects are delivered on time, to specification and within budget but it looks like with Glow we have delivered. Lots of work to be done over the next period to ensure that this is the case and I’m certainly not counting any chickens yet.

The second big agenda item for me is the Scottish Learning Festival, 19 & 20 September in the SECC Glasgow. Again a massive undertaking with more than 6000 visitors expected to visit the exhibition and devour the seminar programme. Well worth a visit if you are not already signed-up.
The third task that I am leading on in LTS is an office move in Dundee. More of this later.
So all in all exciting times and much as I enjoyed the summer I look forward to a challenging and enjoyable autumn.


  1. Thanks for the mention for Renfrewshire! We met with some of the GLOW team this week to discuss training and to make sure other aspects of the implementation were goin OK. All systems appear to be go and we are happy with progress in the West!

  2. Hello LOD!

    Remember me? A one-time pupil of yours who you inspired onto great things (humility obviously not one of them!) – proof positive that technology in education works!