Chris Anderson’s ‘Free’

One of the blogs I follow is that of Chris Anderson, Editor-Chief of Wired and author of ‘The Long Tail’. His work on how technology is changing the economy is thought provoking and easy to understand.
If you have a spare 45 minutes this lecture based on his latest work Free is well worth watching. [Bear with him at the end as his technology lets him down].

Chris explain’s how Yahoo can offer unlimited storage to its customers based on an economic model where storage is virtually feee (40c per Gb) and revenues are generated from other services.

I like his notion that the really scarce resources in the new economy are ‘attention’ and ‘reputation’. Gaining the valuable attention of our stakeholders by providing excellent online resources and services continues to be a key strategic driver for LTS and will be fundamental to the development of our reputation as an organisation close to the heart of Scottish education.

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