Connected 17

Connected 17

Connected 17, the latest edition of LTS’ ICT in education magazine/e-zine is now on its way to schools and available online.

Connected has come a long way since it started off as the the official voice of the National Grid for Learning in Scotland in the spring of 2000 with Nick Morgan as the editor [some may remember Nick as the editor of the Scottish Virtual Teacher Centre (SVTC)].

Patricia Kemp

Patricia Kemp, editor of the LTS online service, has also been the editor of Connected magazine/e-zine since autumn 2000 and has taken the magazine on a long journey away from the voice of officaldom toward a much stronger focus on interesting and innovative classroom practice.

The latest edition represents a step change in Connected not only is it the best looking edition so far, thanks to White Light Media, it also includes a DVD featuring an interview with Stephen Heppell, a sneak preview of Glow and an interview with Margo Williamson, Curriculum for Excellence programme director at LTS.
We will produce at least two more paper editions of Connected over the next six months or so and the plan is to cover the wider learning and teaching agenda with ICT/technology embedded as an important aspect of professional practice.

At the moment we are considering making Connected 20 an exclusively online edition. Not only will this save a few trees and follow the cultural shift away from print publications, it also reflects a transformation in the way that LTS wants to provide support for schools. The organisation is in the process of shifting the balance – away from being a print publisher, sending out thousands of documents to schools, towards providing an integrated online support service. I think that Connected will continue to play an important role as part of the LTS online service and if anyone really wants a paper copy they will always be able to print the pdf on good quality paper. I would be interested to hear what other think. Is there still a role for a printed magazine edition of Connected?

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  1. I think you should hold off on making connected an exclusively on-line version. Although I support your move to go to an electronic version I don’t think that we have reached the right time (or the ‘tipping point’) yet. My worry is that so many people have commented that the last edition was really good, but then they will never get around to downloading future copies.

    Why not continue to use Connected to build up the momentum of GLOW and then when GLOW is established and all teachers have access to the portal. Distribute Connected through it? This way you can be sure to have a 100% deliver rate and I’m sure the readership will also go up?

    Just my 2pence worth! Happy Easter.

  2. Hi Laurie…
    I’m with Ollie! I do still like to be able to wave a print copy in front of peoples noses… much easier than getting them to look at a screen at times…

    And, of course, it’s easier (and safer) to read the print version in the bath!

  3. sharon mcquillan (previously mcdonald)

    Not sure about this one. Think deep down that the two comments previously made are probably correct, however, I’m beginning to get to the stage where I almost want to ‘force’ colleagues to move forward. (Years of built up frustration, perhaps on my part) I’m seriously considering next session in my own school (Barnhill Primary in Dundee) only sending internal communications via a shared flipchart facilty which all teachers now have access to on their classroom whiteboards. Think I’ll send ‘messages’ to the pupils in their classes, also via this method (and make sure I tell the kids about it first). This way I’ll know the shared flipcharts will be opened each day!!