February Already?

January seems to have flashed past. Xmas and New Year are always busy, followed by most of a week in London at BETT, then my great friend and colleague John Connell left for a new post with CISCO, followed by the recently retired Stuart Robertson returning on short-term contract to help organise the Learning Festival … Meanwhile the end of the financial year approaches and we need to complete tasks, meet deadlines, chase invoices, deliver programmes and of course re-engineer our business processes . All fantastic stuff and I get paid to do this too 🙂
My football team, Hibs, have lost another captain to Celtic (third captain in three years – Ian Murray (Rangers), Gary Caldwell (Celtic) and Kevin Thompson (Celtic edit LO’D: oops meant Rangers, thanks Derek)) and still manged to progress in both cups and do reasonably well in the league. Just shows that investing in young players who want to play great football is the right thing to do! My hopes for John Collins as our new manager have already been exceeded.
Glow is getting closer to launch, almost there but not quite. We will come under much closer scrutiny as the dream becomes a reality and starts to feature higher on the agenda for the Scottish Executive, the local authorities and our other key stakeholders. Like every other ICT programme its success will lie in the hands of people. I am confident that our technology partner, the recently renamed RM Education, will deliver a working solution. The trick that we will need to pull off is to make sure that we develop the educational front-end and focus on realising benefits for learners and teachers. We have taken a balanced approach to Glow and been careful not to oversell it. We will see over the next period if this strategy has worked. A key strategic risk for Glow has always been managing expectations. Too high and many will be disappointed at the launch and difficult to win back. Too low and Glow will not even be on their radar.

Must dash but am going to be working with our computer games and learning Tsar Derek Robertson in the morning and hope he is going to advise me on how to develop my blog and screen out the stream of spam that has started to appear in my comments.


  1. The blogs which use Word Press Multi User should really be equipped with Spam Karma anti-spam – as far as I can see they’re not. I’ve sent an email to the guys to get it added asap.

    As for Glow, I think the ‘educational front end’ for many people is going to mean observing teachers and pupils who can make good use of the portal. The tools exist already and, although they will be easier to access and coordinate now, it’s still a fair jump for some/many? teachers, if not the kids, to see how all this potential collaboration is going to change what is still a one-class, one-subject curriculum in most of the secondary sector or, at the very best, a limited short-term collaboration with another department or school.

    The scenarios might go some way to helping there but IMO it would be great to have some footage of what we believe is ‘good practice’ that people can, in the very beginning at least, emulate.

  2. I didn’t realise you’re actually on a single Word Press blog. In your plugins menu just check that you have Akismet anti-spam activated. If you do and still have problems with spam then we’ll have to look at something more robust still.

  3. Kevin Thomson is away to Rangers is he not Laurie?
    Anyway, your profile does not appear to have an API key which is required to run Akismet. In the meantime Spam Karma is actiated so let us know how you get on with that.