Glow: IMS Global Learning Impact

On Monday and Tuesday of next week I will be speaking with colleagues from the Glow contractor, RM, at the IMS Global Learning Impact 2009 event in Barcelona.

Glow has been short-listed for the Global Learning Impact Award for 2009. Based on the scale and ambition of Glow I think that it will give the other projects a good challenge. Win or lose it is a good news story for Scotland and for the Scottish Government that Glow is being considered for an international award.

Let’s hope that later in the week I am blogging about winning. If not then I at least I will be able to console myself  by what I hope will be an interesting event in a wonderful city.

Global Learning Impact Award 2009
From the IMS website:

The Learning Impact program is facilitated by the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) for the purpose of recognizing outstanding applications of technology that address the most significant challenges facing the global education and training industries.

Improving the quality of and access to education is the global challenge that underpins all other global challenges. Harnessing the potential power of new technologies that can enhance the reach and effectiveness of education is a compelling priority for society. The IMS Global Learning Consortium is a unique collaboration of corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations that can play a significant role in recognizing advances in technology that address key educational challenges worldwide.

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