1. I think this sounds like a good idea, and will certainly be the future of conferences. I’m also quite keen to set up some sort of virtual Musselburgh Grammar in Teen Second Life. I think it would be good for running revision classes but also letting pupils and parents walk around the school. Think how this might benefit transition if the pupils had walked around the virtual school before setting foot in the real one. I also think parents would be interested to find out what the different rooms look like, for example a science lab or a CDT room. If you know of any second life designers that could help me build on (for free) send them in my direction. Have a good Easter, Ollie

  2. erwan Ansquer

    Will there be a space on the future Glow website for any virtual space, such as a Second Life area / corner where teachers could meet and communicate ?

  3. We’re now looking into a SL environment for specific projects, perhaps starting with the Learning Festival in September (depending on timings). It’s looking really positive though, and might lead to more widespread use when schools’ internet access is generally more robust.