What’s on the agenda this week?

Just finishing off a long weekend and feeling great. Managed to play golf, take one daughter swimming, play badminton with the other one, watch a dismal game of footie at Tannadice and take our dog out for a couple of long walks in the country. For a change I managed to escape from my inbox and get some respite from work related tasks.
This is always a difficult time of year at work. Despite having secured the flexibility of programme funding for ICT and Glow we are still very much in the public sector and end up having to deal with the madness that is the end of the financial year. That means chasing contractors and their invoices and trying to get as much work completed and signed off by 31 March. At same time we are planning and preparing for next year’s work and of course re-engineering some of our business processes.
I will start back on Tuesday in our Dundee office then I am off to meet Sally Fulton, Education Officer Stirling Council and chair of the local authority ICT advisers (SICTDG), to discuss progress with Glow. After that I need to be in Glasgow to meet some of my team leaders to review programme documentation and get ready for an LTS Glow Board. Finally I have arranged to meet my friend and former colleague John Connell for a pint and a catch-up. John is now working for CISCO and I want to get some advice on ICT in sub Saharan Africa. Also just want to find out how he is doing and to keep him informed about Glow.
On Wednesday and Thursday we have a LTS senior managers strategy meeting in Troon (not easy to get to from Dundee!). The agenda covers everything from communications and branding to corporate strategy and international education. Feels like a long time to take out of the office right now but I am sure it will be worthwhile.

Back to Glasgow on Friday to meet with my programme directors, Ian Graham and Marie Dougan. We will look at our finances, pick up any issues and plan next week. My last appointment of the week is an internal LTS Glow Programme Board in Glasgow and we have a busy agenda that includes a review of LTS ‘readiness for Glow’ as we get closer to to the launch of the service in the autumn.

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  1. Lucy Crichton

    Hi Laurie,

    Have just started reading your blog. As someone based in the office who occasionally sees you go by, its quite intersting to find out what you’ve actually got in your diary and how your time is taken up.

    Thanks for sharing!