From Blog to Learning Log

After reading Don Ledingham’s article in TESS (version from Don’s Learning Log) this morning I have decided to change ‘Laurie’s Blog’ to ‘Laurie’s Learning Log’. The alliteration makes it sound much better for a start but I also think the case that Don makes is compelling. Like Don I want to use my learning log to capture: where I have been; where I am; and where I am going. I want to use it as a tool for professional reflection; somewhere to share some of my experiences; and in my role as a public employee to open a window to my world – inviting comments, contributions and insights from others.


  1. The ‘Blog as Learning Log’ is something that also works so much better in the classroom, too. You need more time than most teachers have to read the research I did, but it was clear as early as 2004 that the connection between the blog and the best of formative assessment was a strong one worth exploiting in the classroom. And all this thanks to an LTS action research grant!

  2. Ewan,
    Thanks for reminding me about this excellent piece of research. It’s good to know that the John Dickie funds were put to good use.

    It was good to see you on Friday and get a chance to catch-up face-to-face – not very time efficient but worthwhile all the same.