Laurie’s Got a Brand New Blog

I started a blog last year but didn’t sustain it – a combination of (in reverse order) a poor user interface for the blog software we were using, no clearly thought out purpose for keeping it, a new laptop and a failure to commit the time to maintain and develop it. Since then I have been reading and enjoying lots of blogs, and even commenting on them now and again. I have been encouraged (and given some practical help) by my colleague John Connell to start my own blog again. So here goes.

When I look at the blogs that are out there it is clear that a lot of ground is already being covered very well.

Don Ledingham is doing a great job in East Lothian using his blog to think aloud and to open up a window into his thinking on the future of education. I want to come back to the East Lothian wiki he has established to on Xtreme Learning soon.

Many of my colleagues at LTS are now regular bloggers

Ewan McIntosh should also be commended on his work in raising the profile of Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning. Ewan is currently on secondment to LTS but remains based with his employer East Lothian under the leadership of Don Ledingham.

Derek Robertson is another LTS blogger, based in our Dundee office, working on our strategy for computer games and learning.

Allan Ogg works in the LTS corporate ICT team and has a technology blog that I use to keep up to date with applications for the Mac.

Nova Stephenson works on the LTS Online Service on the content side and is an avid blogger.

Jim Buchan works on the LTS management of Glow.

Andrew Brown is working for LTS on new technologies for learning.
John Connell former SSDN/Glow Programme Director with LTS and now our Learning Futures Strategist has become a great blogger and leads our Web 2.0 strategy. Special thanks to John for helping me to set up this blog in WordPress.

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